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Welcome to the Information Website about the North West Resorts of Hoylake, West Kirby and Meols on the Wirral Peninsula.

Hoylake was home to the 2006 British Open where Tiger Woods won the 135th British Open Championship at The Royal Liverpool Golf Club on Meols Drive.

These seaside villages are located at the northern tip of the Wirral Peninsula.
Hoylake,West Kirby & Meols are blessed with miles of beaches, promenades, Parks,Bowling Greens, Tennis,Golf, Horse Riding,Windsurfing and Sailing on the salt water Marine Lake and Sand Yachting. On a clear day, one can see the Blackpool Tower on the horizon.
Take a stroll along the promenades and watch the local fishermen at work.

The Wirral area is known as the "Leisure Peninsula" it being surrounded on three sides by water, the Irish Sea, the River Mersey and the River Dee.

The Viking settlers landed their boats here in 902AD and their influence is still evident. Liverpool the European Capital of Culture 2008 is only a twenty minute drive away or 30 minutes by the Mersey Rail Electric Railway.
The Roman city of Chester and the beauty of North Wales being 30 mins drive away.

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Meols Recent History

Meols was famous in the late 1980's for being the venue for a very popular Granada (ITV) series called Watching. The series ran from 1987 to 1993 and Starred: Paul Bown, Liza Tarbuck, Emma Wray
Brenda and Pamela Wilson were sisters whose idea of fun is to go out to their local pub, the Grapes, and watch men, trying to guess their backgrounds, how old they are, what religion and what job they have. Into the pub walks Malcolm Stoneway, a watcher of a different kind: he's a keen ornithologist. Unaware of this, Brenda manoeuvres him into asking her out, and for their first date he collects her in his motorcycle sidecar and heads out into the country with his binoculars. She hates every minute of it, thinking of him as 'a 14-carat wimp'. And yet, against all odds, a relationship develops.
Thus was born one of ITV's most durable sitcoms of recent years. Not merely based in but veritably governed by Liverpool, its environs, people, humour and values, Watching came over as a cross between The Liver Birds and Letter To Brezhnev.The writer of all 56 episodes of Watching was Hitchmough and his scripts were dialogue-rich, perhaps extending to twice the word-count of most half-hour sitcoms.
The Wilsons live in Liverpool. Brenda is a very vocal Scouser, out for a slightly dangerous life. Exuding coarse manners, she's every inch a rough diamond. Pamela drinks ale and is similarly hewn. Their mother, Joyce (seen regularly from the fifth series) wants rid of all her offspring ('I like to think of my children having a good time...somewhere else') because they interfere with her own social life. This extends, even, to Brenda and Pamela's much younger brother, the super-sharp-witted Gerald.
The Stoneways lived in the upmarket Meols (pronounced mells).Mrs Stoneway, mother of the slow-witted Malcolm, is more welcoming and accommodating, but would rather her son went around with someone she perceives as having their more refined class and standing. But Brenda and Malcolm fall in love, and while the relationship is fraught with difficulties they end up sharing a flat together. Pamela, too, settles down, marrying David Lynch and giving birth to daughter Zelda, but theirs is an even more tempestuous relationship. Malcolm was also married, at the end of the fifth series - but not to Brenda: their relationship had stuttered to a halt and he was immediately wooed and won by a nursing sister, Lucinda, someone much more suited to his mother's taste. In an episode reminiscent of The Graduate, Brenda raced to the church to interrupt the wedding but arrived too late. All was well in the end, though: Malcolm and Lucinda broke up, he reunited with Brenda and they headed for the altar in the final episode.

In addition to its wit and enterprising storylines, Watching was blessed with good acting performances, particularly from Liza Tarbuck (Jimmy's daughter) as Pamela, and Emma Wray (real name Jill Wray), who was appearing in her first TV role, cast as Brenda.
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The Great Meols Club was founded in 1922 and moved to new premises at Lower Green,School Lane, Meols. The club has Mens and Ladies Crown Green Bowling teams, a Snooker and Chess Club. New members are welcome. Please contact through the clubs website.

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